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Check out this great video from Sherrill tree, visually describes what we do best.

Used with permission from Sherrill tree.

Your Instructor


Andrew is Canada's first and currently only GOTC recognized Facilitator/ Instructor.  Andrew is also an ISA Certified Arborist and has been climbing both recreationally and professionally for over 12 years. 

Andrew is a member of the  GOTC (Global Organization of Tree Climbers) and Tree Climbers International (TCI).  Andrew is formally and specifically trained in recreational/ technical tree climbing facilitation and instruction.  Andrew has received additional training from EARTHJOY tree adventures.

In addition,  Andrew has many other outdoor skills. Andrew is trained in wilderness first aid and survival and is currently employed as a Volunteer Firefighter, Emergency Preparedness Educator and Paramedic.

Andrew has also received many certifications in the fields of Arboriculture, Sustainable Landscapes and Outdoor Education.

Andrew is a ORCA certified Canoe Tripper and White Water Level 2.

Andrew knows all about thrill seeking, he has rock climbed, skydived, scuba dived and bungee jumped.

Be assured this instructor loves trees, knows adventure and he has got you covered when it comes to fun.

See you in the treetops!


Recognized facilitator



Katie Gibson is a TCC recognized facilitator.  Katie has a background in international forestry, a guaduate of UBC and a practicing Arborist.  Katie is a world traveller and inspiring stunt woman.

Our newest team member


Please welcome our newly trained and recognized facilitator Katie! Katie was an  integral part and familiar face at Tree Climbing Canada events in summer 2018. She helped in making it one of the best summers ever! Katie is now enjoying and sharing her  knowledge and newly acquired skills in New Zealand, helping to introduce people to the trees. 



Patient, experienced, full of  encouragement and fun, Katie was great with children of all ages! 

If you listen carefully you will her her whistling in the treetops way above the world as you know it.


Mission statement.

 Promote safe and environmentally respectful tree climbing practices for adventure, education, and fun

To be a unifying voice representing and supporting tree climbing organizations and individual tree climbers.

Encourage the joyful experience of tree climbing for people of all backgrounds and abilities.

Share the insight and unique connection to nature that can be found by exploring trees and the forest canopy.

To enhance and promote the care and benefit of trees for present and future generations, through education, research and awareness 

To help build a respect and an appreciation of nature in the individual and to bring people closer together in trusting relationships. 

To inspire, to educate and to celebrate creation for all the good that has been freely given to us. 

To be the voice of and to establish technical recreational tree climbing in the Provinces of Canada.

Let TREE CLIMBING CANADA safely guide you into a new adventure that will surely surprise you, enlighten you and challenge you!

TREE  CLIMBING CANADA  makes your tree climbing adventure an experience you will never forget.


to answer some of your questions???

Who? What? Where? When? Why? & How?


An Experienced Guide and You

Your guide, Andrew is a Certified Arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and has been climbing trees professional and recreational for over 12 years. He is also a member of Tree Climbers International (TCI) and a board member of the Global Organization of Tree Climbers (GOTC) .


Climbing Trees

Experience nature by combining caving, rock climbing and  Arborist tree climbing techniques to explore the canopies of Carolinian Canada and beyond!  


Approved Locals

Ultimately, we want to train you so you can explore canopies where ever you wish. Our aim is to bring this activity into conservation lands, municipal parks and even your backyard.  We are always talking with folks about the benefits of our sport and are always seeking out new locations to climb, join the conversation. As private land owners allow us to enjoy our sport in their trees, more and more approved and designated locals will come. 

Spread the word!  It is our goal to promote the sport of recreational tree climbing in every province of Canada.

Maybe you have a tree in your woodlot or your backyard, that you would love to climb, let us know.  Go climb a tree!


Whenever you want

If your taking the introduction to tree climbing adventure for the first time, then you will need to contact us on the contact page.  Please contact us by phone or by forwarding a message from this site. We will find the time to make an appointment for you! Just check out the calendar for upcoming events, (Just click on the  'climb today'  or 'book your adventure today' buttons). Visit our website and social media links  for updates. 



Come on out!  Explore nature in a whole new way with us at TREE CLIMBING CANADA. This is a great adventure that combines outdoor recreation and the trill of being at heights.  Experience something new or just hang out and see the world from a different perspective!



We use proven climbing techniques and  approved safety equipment:  including helmets, saddles and arborist rope. This activity may be physically demanding for some but with your excitement and  enthusiasm for the unknown, most find the activity quite rewarding.